Currently we offer Kids Church on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month.

We, at Rivergate, will cherish the children God has given us by equipping them during their formidable years. We will teach them worship, prayer, serving others, sharing their faith and how to study God's Word. We will show them love and how to love themselves and others, as God loves us all, and to seek hard after God. When it is time for them to move on, we want them to be prepared and secure in their walk & relationship with the Lord. Let us commit to:

  • Praying for our children and church community.
  • Teaching the children the authority they have over Satan, through the power of
 Jesus' name.
  • Teaching them to be servants in corporate settings.
  • Restoring the Arts with drama, music, painting and dance.
  • Reaching the community with block parties and park outreach.
  • Incorporate the children into servant hood, by having them help with 
greeting, communion, missions and the laying on of hands.


We, at Rivergate, desire to see children become an active part of all of our ministries in the church. We ourselves are striving to have faith as a child. We are modeling for them, but they are also modeling for us. Are we watching?

On a “typical” Sunday morning we invite you to worship with your children during the praise/worship time. There are so many opportunities to teach your children to worship the Lord through expression- flags, dancing, drawing. There are designated spaces on each side of the sanctuary to be with your children. Enter in and have fun praising Jesus, He is worthy!

*We do ask that you stay with your children and do not allow them to run back and forth in the front, or go on the stage (at any time).*