Doorways of Perception

Doorways of Perception is a transformational model for healing encounters with the Spirit of Truth and the Creator. Each encounter is facilitated by a team of three people who have been trained in hearing and following the direction of the Spirit. We operate in threes in order to offer each person we are serving with multiplied revelation and insight.

Doorways of Perception team members offer dream interpretations, spiritual blessings, and other spiritual encounters such as: healing – body & soul, father and mother blessings, destiny readings, and much more.

Our Vision: The awakening of individuals to their destiny and purpose through spiritual encounters and Divine love.

Our Mission: To create an atmosphere for healing, spiritual freedom and abundant life for spiritual seekers worldwide.

Want to experience an encounter for yourself? Join us on the second Friday of the month at 7:30pm on the corner of 5th/E Main Street in Ashland.