History of Rivergate

Everyone and everything has a history- coming from great ideas, a great plan, a dream and sometimes from a great awakening… that is what we were born from. In the 1920s the local Baptist church had just elected on a new Pastor Rev. Buford C. Miller. He had heard of the move of God that was sweeping the nation and had a keen interest in the ministry of Aimee Semple McPherson. Because of this interest in the healings that were taking place in her meetings he extended an invitation for her to come to Ashland, Oregon. At that time, Mrs. McPherson could not come to Ashland (though she did come in 1928) but she suggested that Dr. Charles Price come. Dr. Price had just recently been saved and baptized at one of her meetings and he felt the call to go into evangelistic work. His first meeting under this new ministry was to be held in Ashland at the large Chautaugua Building (now the current site for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival).

On September 3, 1922 Dr. Price began a series of revival meetings. These meetings attracted thousands of people within a 300 mile radius of Ashland. Three to four thousand expectant and attentive persons packed the tabernacle each night, with hundreds attending the day meetings until October 2, 1922.

As history has shown us there are often those that do not understand nor agree with the way the Lord chooses to move among His people. This often leads to division and church splits. Our history has one such instance as many decided that they did not want to move forward in a movement of signs, wonders, miracles, divine healing, etc.

Rev. Miller continued to pastor those that wanted to continue in a full gospel movement. Thus from the powerful meetings of Dr. Charles Price a new church was birthed! We are that church!

To this day we hold a high honor for the moves of God and have made a place for the voices that God chooses to use. We have been so honored to have many great men and women of the faith come and impart their anointing to Ashland.

  • 1920s- Aimee Semple McPherson and Smith Wigglesworth
  • 1930s- Donald Fee, Pastor (Son, Gordon Fee born in Ashland)
  • 1947- Gordon and Freiday Linsay, Pastors (This was their pastorate before founding “Voice of Healing” magazine, later Christ for the Nations. Gordon also managed William Branham’s career. He brought Oral Roberts and Paul Cain to Ashland as well.)
  • 1960s- Robert Cornwall, Pastor
  • 1980s- Charismatic renewal
  • 1997- Pastor Ron and Jan come to Ashland Christiam Center (later to re-name the church to RIVERGATE)
  • late 1990s- “English Wave” comes: Jeff Lucas, Martin Scott, Malc & Kathi Garda
  • Early 2000s- “Bethel Wave” Kris Vallaton, Paul Manwaring, Jesus Culture Southern Oregon (Banning Liebscher, Lance Jacobs, Erica Grieve), Glenn White
  • 2000s- “Prophetic Wave” Bobby Conner, Bob Jones, Paul Keith Davis, Wesley Campbell, Larry Randolph, Bob Crane
  • 2000s- “IHOP Wave” Chris DuPre, Julie & Isaac Meyer, Jim & Elizabeth Maher
  • Many conferences with Messianic/Israeli connections, local pastors and friends.
  • 2010- Ashland House of Prayer is born
  • God made Himself known to Southern Oregon in 1922 with a great revival. We are praying and contending for our city that God would be welcome, present and that this city will once again see a great move of God. Our church has an amazing history and we are so thankful for that but what is exciting is that God is STILL moving today! God has given so many amazing prophetic words to this body, He has fulfilled many but there are still a few that we are knocking on the doors of heaven for.

    Our community is rich with spirituality and those that are seeking. We believe we are a house that will see many seekers, saved into the Kingdom of God and be the laborers for the Great Harvest!